Echo Research provides evidence based solutions to promote social, mental and emotional wellbeing in children and adolescents.

The team is led by well respected consultant Dr Leanne Lester, who has a unique skill blend of research, evaluation and presentation experience.

We specialise in working with an organisation's strengths, identifying and evaluating needs, providing evidence based recommendations, and helping clients with strategy implementation.


The vision of Echo Research is to transform and support the way schools’ make decisions about and deliver pastoral care. It enables schools to provide more systematic, evidence-based approaches to pastoral care, to enhance the school community’s, and particularly students’ wellbeing.

The mission of Echo Research is to ensure all students have access to world class education and pastoral care to enable them to achieve at their full potential. Echo Research is particularly interested in the social and emotional wellbeing of children and adolescents and the impact this wellbeing can have on students’ sense of belonging, learning, their attitude to learning, attendance and other behaviours.


The Echo Research team is led by highly respected and experienced researchers, evaluators, practitioners and trainers. This team has expertise in education and behavioural research, community development, health promotion, biostatistics, curriculum development and training, and school administration and governance.


Echo Research specialises in helping schools to develop quality standards for their pastoral care policies and practices to ensure equity and access for all students. The research team works closely with schools to review and support their pastoral care related research, education, and training. The team also provide evidence-based recommendations to assist schools’ strategic planning and actions to improve children’s and adolescents’ health and consequently their learning.